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Finally home?

I first published my code on Google Code with SVN, without any experience about project management or subversion. I did things wrong, but I (hopefully) learned from it.

Then, as I refactored the Grep Plugin of KDevelop, I got in touch with Git, and began to love it. I moved over to gitorious.org. Again, I did some things very wrong with Git. But gitorious.org is only a source management site, there are no forums, no bug trackers, no mailing lists.

Looking for a better place, I found berlios.de, which hosts my (now outdated) sources for about one year now. But due to lack of money and employees, they'll close their site at the end of this year.

And as I searched for yet another place to host my project, I discovered that sourceforge.net has evolved very well for the last three years.

Yeah. Finally at home (I hope).

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