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It's been some time since the last release, but there are many things going on. At first, the new version will include full XM and 31-sample MOD support (15-sample MODs are a bit trickier to detect, but chances are still there that PPPlay will support them). Please note that it is still far away from beta, but much more far away from alpha, so it will take some time until the first beta appears, though (if you are an adventurer) you may download the bleeding edge sources...

To give you some more hints about what happens, here is the regularily edited, messy draft of the changelog:

  • Fix: Delayed video refresh caused sound to hang
  • New: XM Support
  • Change: Rewritten Sound routines nearly from ground up
  • Change: Command line options
  • New: 5-Level logging framework (to the developers: it is independent of peepeeplayer, so you may use it in your own programs)
  • Change: No more random crashes, only random safe exits now
  • Fix: Tick simulation now properly sets the Bresenham interpolation variables
  • New/change: On-demand preprocessing
    • Module will not be fully preprocessed on startup, only length will be estimated, boosting loading speed
    • Preprocessing happens when manually seeking forward or the order changes
    • Thus, initial forward seeking introduces some short delays, but the state is saved so it will be used when seeking backward and forward again

The most stunning point is (in my opinion) the last one. The on-demand-preprocessing reduces startup time heavily. The XM I tested (can't remember which one, sorry) was about 12 minutes long. The old code needed over 30 seconds to preprocess the module and calculate its length, the new code reduced that to under one second, and half of that second belongs to startup code and multimedia initialization.

Thinking about v0.1.4, maybe I'll introduce a "meta-extractor mode", which simply prints the module's playback length and some other meta information to a file or the console so that it can be used by other programs. But maybe I won't. It's far in the future.

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