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v0.1.3 (bleeding edge)

This is the "bleeding edge" changelog. It is not finished yet.

  • Fix: Delayed video refresh caused sound to hang
  • New: XM and MOD Support
  • Change: Rewritten Sound routines nearly from ground up
  • New: 5-Level logging framework (to the developers: it is independent of peepeeplayer, so you may use it in your own programs)
  • New/change: On-demand preprocessing
    • Module will not be fully preprocessed on startup, only length will be estimated, boosting loading speed
    • Preprocessing happens when manually seeking forward or the order changes
    • Thus, initial forward seeking introduces some short delays, but the state is saved so it will be used when seeking backward and forward again
  • New: WAV and OGG export
  • Change: Unified export parameter (export type is determined by the export filename extension)
  • New: plugin API for module renderers
  • New: linear sample interpolation
  • New: archive playback
    • simply use the archive like a directory, e.g. "module.zip/foo.xm"
    • or tell PeePeePlayer to use the first file it finds by using a dot for the filename, e.g. "module.zip/."
    • supported formats are those from libarchive 2.8: CPIO, SHAR, TAR, ISO9660 CD images, ZIP

v0.1.2 and before

Sorry, no changelog available. Maybe some day I will browse through the commit logs and try to write the missing changelogs.

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